To start with I was charged by the B.A.R.with working with no calif, auto repair lic.

And I want it known that it is true that for many years I operated auto repair with out a lic.. And except the courts punish, which is 500$ fine, and 1 year probation. I was wrong. I am also almost 60 years old.

The B.A.R. told me that in no way will I ever get another repair lic. The 2 members of the B.A.R. told me they do not want me to ever work again in my field.

I am a mobile mechanic, kind of hard to be change jobs now. A few years ago I was in a business building, where I parked my truck in at night. The B.A.R. came to the owner of the business and told them that if they sell parts to me that they would fine them 10,000$.

At this point I left the building and took truck home. A couple years have gone by now, the state is in the tank, I hardly work as it is, I now am more a handyman than any thing. The B.A.R. has gone out of its way to put me out of business with prejudices, At least a felon can get a lic, the offense was a misdemeanor.

I was told by the gentlemen from the B.A.R. that he wanted me personally out of business, in front of the District Attorney, me and another B.A.R. member. I asked if I could make up back lic, fees.

And even pay 2 years ahead. But they were so intent on putting me out of business. Who do I contact about being retired by the state? If you pay you debt to society are you still guilty?

the truth as I see is their out for blood and revenge or something. The truth is the only thing I did wrong was work without lic. I did a job and they had it inspected, my work was found up to par.

Dont know what to do.Thanks

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