False advertisement by BAR'S, defective product, no patent, Bar’s Head Gasket Fix and Repair clogged my car complete cooling system, radiator, water pump, thermostat, acting like it welded the cooling system and also damaged the engine

Heater core also damaged, but it will cost an extra $850.00, not replaced yet, because engine is gone on my FORD TAURUS DOHC 24 valve, having a powerful engine that mostly will last 270,000 or more, but had at the time when it overheated only 134,000 miles

All the above parts were replaced by the mechanic, I paid $ 680.00 for it, after using BAR’S, but it did not help, because Bar’s defective product badly overheated the engine and as result of that the whole engine must be replaced by a new one.

The Bar’s product is using sodium silicate (class) and sealants that practically welded all the internal engine cooling parts and stop coolant circulation

A few days ago, before I added Bar’s Product, the mechanic told me, that my car engine and transmission were in very good condition. Not problem found. None

The car had an intermittent coolant small leak, but after I used BAR’S, it damaged the whole engine by extreme overheating

All BAR’S reviewed in the Internet are false, posted by Bar’s Products people and there are not posted by customer that bought the product

Bar’s deceives people by posting false reviews to entice people to buy the Bar’s Head Gasket Fix Repair Sealer

I love this car and the new engine will cost $ 5,000 with installation. I want my car running again, but FRED MANNIX from

BAR'S PRODUCTS, MI, goes around and around and refuse to pay for all the damages caused by BAR'S PERMANENT HEAD GASKET FIX

I think that the Bar's PRODUCTS company in Holly, MI, smell fishy and is catering on poor people, people out of work or anybody else having no money to repair the car by a good mechanic, so these people became easy prey

Most Mechanic speaks badly about Bar's, telling you that you are adding problem to the problem and you car is going to be gone

My life now is upside down, and my car is gone thanks to BAR'S PERMANENT HEAD GASKET FIX

BAR'S LIKES TO PLAY JUDGE AND JURY, but this not Burger King and it doesn't go in his way, but in my way


Monetary Loss: $7000.

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California, United States #876607

If your mechanic told you it was in good working condition with a small coolant leak what the *** would you put gasket repair liquid in it for?Regardless of whether the product is *** or not YOU sir are the *** that tried to fix something that you admit a professional told you was not broken.

Now you can't take personal responsibility for your mistake you want BAR to pay for it? I am not promoting nor discouraging the use of their products I'm simply saying that you need to take a step back and look at the situation as an outsider not let your emotions for this ford taraus lol (its a freaking ford taraus not a Bugati) rule your opinion.

YOU CAN'T FIX WHATS NOT BROKEN YOU ARE A TOTAL DUMBA$$ BY YOUR OWN ADMISSION AND YOU DONT EVEN REALIZE IT.If I were a judge hearing your case in civil litigation I would be infuriated that you were wasting my time.


I used bars 1111 head gasket fix with 4 spoons of black pepper in a car that was pushing water out of radator cap blow head gasket, it took a few days of driving but it helped a lot, stop pushing water out and the miss it had was going away, when you have blow head gasket that's a big time repair your going to pay big money to have it fixed regardless, so I would use it again in a heart beat, there is no guarantee but it helped all I can say is if it does not work for you then you already have to pay big money to replace the gasket and have a machine shop work the head and maybe even the deck which is the block so that would mean the whole motor needs pulled to be fixed, it's a hit or miss thing with something like this

South Beach, Oregon, United States #656156

Bar’s manufactures of Bar’s HG knows *** well that once the product is poured into the coolant and circulated, it won’t make any distinction to protect cooling parts or passages. It wills circulates and dry to cause heavy damages on parts and engine

People must put a stop on it and no buying a more Bar’s head gasket.

Bar’s are a bunch of junkie people having a good time doing drugs and selling the

product to pay for the drug addiction

If all the people at Bar’s are high, how much they can know about engines and cars?

They don’t know. They are up in smoke all the time

Why Bar’s won’t try to drink Bar’s head gasket to control diarrhea?

Alabama, New York, United States #651339

Bar's permanent head gasket fix, the masters of BS. It is full of *** in a bottle.

It damaged my Honda Civic motor. Do not use it, is full of unknown ***

Make a consumer report if you have the some problem :(

Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, United States #644811

The product and the magic ball available for a low price


Save your time and money, warning to consumers on defective product

I want to crack down on *** artist like Bar’s Products Inc, Holly MI and its claims without evidence on Bar’s Permanent Head Gasket Fix that turned out to be *** that followed to costly repairs

It is like closing your eyes and writing prescription without having any knowledge on whom is going to be the patient

That’s apply to BAR’S PRODUCTS INC, Holly, Michigan 48442

BAR'S PERMANENT HEAD GASKET FIX THE SHORT AND EASY WAY TO DAMAGE YOUR ENGINE AND CLOG EVERYTHING BEYOND REPAIR - that people at Bar's keeps posting fakes and fabricated reviews all over the internet

The best thing to do is to bring your car to a good mechanic and do the repair

Bar's Products Inc selling Bar's Permanent Head Gasket fix, it is a ruse!

A mechanic in a bottle?

Perhaps may be available a doctor in a bottle?

Colorado City, Arizona, United States #637392

LOOK, alq TUTANKHAMEN, how you can be so nasty with people?

At your time and age, you only walked the streets in Egypt and having no gas station-

Also, if you have 50 years experience in using BAR'S on your car,

it means that your car and Bar's both needs to be junked, because BAR'S always failed to repair the problem, so better buy a horse

Texas City, Texas, United States #637295

Of course a guy making a profit on BAR'S HEAD GASKET FIX will feel the pinch when sales will go down

Well, in America the right company will be alive and well and the others should be dumped for cheating consumers.

They want to make money and it doesn't matter who will be the next victim, as long they can pocket the money :upset

Merritt Island, Florida, United States #636864

Again this *** fool write a compalintg for the third time.This shows you his foolishness.

Both he and his mechanic are idiots as Barrs leaks is a prooduct I have used for over 50 years and never had a problem. He had a piece of junk cooling system and blames the product.

A real ***!!!!!!:grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin

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